Four Stages Of Learning – Canine Positive Reinforcement Training

Many times you must have heard from dog owners that he/she does not come when called, unnecessarily barks, or steals food. To some extent it is because of the owners who are not able to teach their dog do’s and don’ts. To help you out from such situations K9 Dog Obedience Training operating in Sydney, Central Coast and New Castle, Australia, brings some of the best dog training methods.

Four Stages Of Learning - Canine Positive Reinforcement Training

The working procedure includes 4 stages of training that polishes and hones the skills of your favourite buddy.

The four stages of Dog Training Methods can be understood as follows:-

  • Stage 1- Reward Base Training

Obedience training means that you dog understands the commands given by you and follow manners and etiquettes. But first of all he/she need to know what exactly a command is and what you want him/her to do. Stage 1 covers this section by providing positive reinforcement and motivation to the dog by giving rewards.

  • Stage 2- Training Phase

Once the reward base training is covered and your dog starts understanding you wish and commands, the second stage trains it to follow the instructions by repetition till the activities done when given a command becomes habit.

  • Stage 3- The Testing Phase

Dogs are prone to get easily distracted. But this should not become an excuse for them to miss out any command or habit. To make sure that whatever have been taught to it, has been embedded in the mind properly dog are made to undergo a proofing or testing phase.

  • Stage 4- Final Stage

Most of the things are already covered by stage 3. This stage is simply a revision sort and to make you satisfied and happy that now your dog is completely trained and is a good boy/girl now, who understands what to do, how to do and when to do.

Dog Kennels Central Coast if observed closely then dogs are as different from each other as we humans. They are in fact individuals in their own manner. So the training methods too are different for different canines. Some are quick learners, some are lazy, some are stubborn and some remain lost on their own thoughts, least interested in knowing what is happening around them. To be a good trainer one must first understand the nature and behaviour of the dog and accordingly proceed and devise methods to train them. This is what is well understood and followed by K9 training team and impart the training accordingly.

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Bridge the Communication Gap with K9 Dog Obedience Training

Dogs and pups are attention seekers and want to remain your favourite. Just like your other friends, they also want to communicate with you, want to get pampered and would get jealous and possessive if they think they are being sidelined because of any visitor. The temperament of dogs differs on individual basis which makes them either very enthusiastic, or very anxious or very depressed and introvert. All these issues need to be seriously addressed. Dog Problems Central Coast if want you have healthy relationship with your dog, a two way communication is necessary. This means whatever you say, you dog should understand and whatever he wants you are able to understand.

dog training

Get your dog trained with best rewarding programs of K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre.

  • K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre provides its services all over the places in Sydney, New Castle and Central Coast. The complex and field training centre is located at Central Coast, just at a ride of 35 minutes from Sydney and 45 minutes from New Castle.
  • The trainers here have more than 15 years of professional experience and leave no stone unturned in making your dog a better pet.
  • Here they understand the fact that every dog is different individually and thus special programs are made for its better learning. Not just that, special diets and needs are also catered and your furry friends are looked after well.
  • There are different types of programs including private lessons and in-house training and boarding program for dogs above the age of 5 years. For pups lying in the age group 1-5 Puppy Classes are there to give a good start for later on learning process.
  • The learning process has 4 stages. As the dogs learn through repetition, the 4 stages are designed in such a manner that the process is dog-friendly and your dog is able to learn at every stage. Based on rewarding technique, after completion of each stage you get a calmer, more understandable, confident and lovable dog.
  • K9 even has Online Dog Training sessions. So just in case, you are far and still want to get the best training sessions, go for online dog training Dog Kennels Central Coast.
  • The obedience training under K9 focuses on addressing all the behavioural issues of dogs like excessive barking, chewing, not coming when called, pulling on lead, being stubborn, over-anxiety and boosts up the confidence of your dog by instilling social etiquettes and habits.


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The Common Problems Solved By Dog Behaviour Training

Anxiety, phobias and fears in Dogs –

First of all what we need to understand here is that anxiety, fear and phobia are three distinct things, and accordingly you need to understand that your dog needs attention. These are common traits among canines and can be cured and fixed to great extent with proper training and learning. Persistent of these traits is not healthy for your dog. Sometimes these conditions also need extra medical attention.

The Common Problems Solved By Dog Behaviour Training

Socializing Skills

Socializing skills are must for your dog, so that they know how to behave with your guests or whenever you take them out for a visit to some friend’s place. Moreover socializing skills also help in reducing stress and anxiety among dogs.

Following Commands

Make your dog learn to follow simple commands and develop healthy communication amongst yourself. Following commands will also help you in day-to-day life. You will not have to run after your dog every time to make him complete a simple task.

Behavioural Issues

Throwing tantrums, barking unnecessarily, being stubborn or showing extremely aggressive Dog Behaviour Training are counted as behavioural issues. These can be easily fixed with effective training sessions and will drastically bring improvement of your dog’s behaviour. With behavioural issues being addressed you dog will become more composed and relaxed.

K9 Dog Training Sessions at Sydney, Central Coast and New Castle bring the most effective and fun-learning training sessions for your dogs. Including day-boarding classes, group lessons, simple lessons for command following and private lessons, K9 Dog Training Centre helps in addressing all the major problems of your dog.

Dog training is essential for your dog. These training classes work on principle of rewarding- the positive reinforcement. For each task completed your dog is rewarded and gradually the intensity of offering rewards is decreased. At the end of the training a test is performed by bringing in any distraction and asking your dog to follow the command. This test ensures that your dog’s training is accomplished or not. The teachings must be embedded as habits so that even any distractions does not shifts the focus your dog from the task it is being asked to complete.

The training periods differ from each and other and so do the training techniques and implementations. As the temperament, behaviours and problems of individual dogs differ from each other, specified programs are designed exclusively for individual dogs, meeting the requirements and necessities of training.

The most common and special issues are addressed by K9 professional experts. Your dog will get the best trainers here and can Dog Training Online. You will also be given special instructions to follow while indulging in practice sessions with your dog.

A full guaranteed program to make your dog more adorable and lovable is offered by K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre. Enroll your dog now!

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A Healthy Lifestyle For Your Dog- K9 Training

Dogs and pups play a very important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You always have a very good companion to take on a walk, play outdoor games and be in company of a selfless and a loyal friend who will be there with you in every thick and thin. However, the problems comes when these friends become over possessive, stubborn and start taking an undue advantage of your love, care and at times exhibit bad behaviour. This should be dealt very carefully as our furry friends are not less than any kid. To train your dog and impart good habits, dog behaviour training is the best method. At K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre Sydney, your canine gets the best training by different methods that are devised on the basis of your dog’s behaviour and characteristics.

A Healthy Lifestyle For Your Dog- K9 Training

Why to choose K9 Dog Obedience Training

K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre is the professionals and is expert in teaching and training your dog in the best possible manner. Follow up lessons and free training is provided by them just in case your dog’s problems reoccur. But the chances of this are very low as K9 Trainers guarantee the sure success. With 15 years of dog training experience, and different methods and programs included for training purpose, be assured that your dog is getting the best learning lessons. After the completion of training your dog will be a pleasure to have and pride of your family.

Problems solved

With K9 training the problems that would be solved are-

  • Not coming when called
  • Excessive barking
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Pulling on lead
  • Chewing
  • Setting of the limit areas
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Pulling clothes of the line
  • Jumping
  • And any other behavioural problem

Methods employed for training purpose

The training is completed in 4 stages.

  • 1st stage is making your dog aware of the commands and then teaching it to understand and follow those commands
  • 2nd stage comprises of repeating the commands so that your dog gets habitual of those commands. Repeating the commands to the dogs makes it easier for the dog to remember them
  • 3rd stage is a sort of examination which checks that has the training turned into habit or not. Any disturbance is introduced while giving the command and the behaviour is noticed. If your dog does not get distracted, then bingo it has successfully graduated the training the course.
  • 4th Stage is just the about building a healthy relationship between you and your dog. After this you have a well trained furry friend that is just a fun to have.

There are number of courses available and you can choose the course as per your requirements. Group lessons and boarding training is also available.

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Reason Why You Should Enrol Your Dog In K9 Training Program

K9 Dog Obedience Training Central Coast Australia is known to train dogs in the best manner and impart teachings to your dog that can make yours and your dog’s life easy.


Why To Get Your Dog Trained

There are number of things that you would like to see your dog doing and also get rid of some typical behaviour issues. K9 Dog Obedience Training helps in achieving an overall good health of your dog and boost up the confidence.

Training your dog is indeed a good idea but still if you want reasons for that run through the below mentioned points and get assured that yes a trained dog is undeniably a pleasure to have.

Training your dog will-

  • Improve your bonding by bridging the communication gap
  • Have less or no behavioural issues
  • Increase dog’s reflexes, activates the mind and keep the body of your friend energized
  • Boost the confidence of the shy ones and calm down the aggressive ones
  • Increase the safety
  • Add fun in your and you pup’s life

So now when if you have reasons to get your furry friend trained, check out the training courses offered by K9 Dog Obedience

Dog training Courses

  1. In house training and boarding– It is a 14-days course training at the K9 Dog Training Centre at Central Coast, just 35 minutes from Sydney. The training imparts socializing and interacting skills. The issues that are solved include
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Pulling on lead
  • Simple behaviour issues like not coming on call etc
  1. Private Lessons– During the private lessons the trainer will be assessing the environment and surrounding of the dog and will then provide a training structure and plan for you and your dog. This will include some tricks and tips to manage the behavioural issues of the dog.


  1. Walking and Jumping– This is the simplest training and trains your dog to walk without a lead and stop jumping.


  1. Group Lessons– The training is held at every week at the training centre and group lessons are imparted to the dogs. After these sessions your puppy will be able to socialise with other dogs and humans, follow the instructions like sit, drop, recall, and will enhance the interacting skills.

The methods implied are very humble and dog friendly. The techniques used are based upon the individual behaviours of the dogs and K9 Obedience Training ensures you of 99% success in imparting manners and etiquettes to your dog. You will surely love to have a well behaved friend who can communicate to you and understand you as well.

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Instilling the Dogs with Positivity – K9 Positive Reinforcement Training Technique

Dogs are adorable. They love you unconditionally, and their loyalty cannot be questioned at all. But along with these lovely traits, they also pose some unwanted habits. However, it is you who need to understand what your dog wants and what its requirements are. Once you have understood the basic nature of your dog, it becomes easier for you to manage and tackle it. Everything that your dog needs or you want it to do can be achieved with dog obedience training. There should be healthy communication between you and your dog. If there is anything which your dog is unable to understand or follow, shouting at it or forcing it do the tasks will only make the things worse.

K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre New Castle, hereby bring you the most effect dog-training classes. With 15 years of experience, the professional trainers at K9 very well know and understand that which training technique needs to be implemented on your dog. Depending up on the temperament of your dog, the training course is decided and accordingly the training sessions start.


Positive Reinforcement Technique

The fundamental technique used at K9 Dog Training Centre is Positive Reinforcement Method. These techniques woks on rewarding principle that is when the dog achieves the desired goal, it is rewarded. However, this surely does not mean spoiling your canine. Slowly and gradually the amount and frequency of rewarding is reduced and in a healthy manner habits are developed and instilled in your dog.

The Classes at K9 Dog Obedience Centre, New Castle, Sydney, and Central Coast

Whichever class you choose for you furry friend, K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre is bound by its commitment of imparting the best lessons and training to your dog.

Dog Boarding Classes are quite popular sessions as many behavioural and day to day issues of dogs get resolved in these classes. The duration of in-house or boarding training is of 14 days. In this span, your dog is made to learn about the basic socializing etiquettes and behavioural issues like excessive barking, or chewing or throwing tantrums are effectively resolved. In addition, these classes are of great help in reducing anxiety among dogs. By the end of training your dog has learnt walking without lead, follow he commands like sit, come, stay etc and socializing skills towards human akin animals.

If you are looking for puppy classes, then K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre also offers learning sessions for Puppies. In addition you can also go for private lessons and group lessons.

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The Learning Stages Of Dog Training

Wondering what are dog training stages or how your dog is going to learn when you enrol it in one of the classes at K9 Dog Training Centre?

Well, given here is the full information on what stages your dog will be passing to become a lovable, understanding and less problematic dog.


At K9 Training Centre, the learning sessions have been divided in 4 stages.

  1. The first stage is all about understanding the dog’s behaviour and makes the dog know and understand the commands you wish it to follow. On completion of the task, dog is rewarded to keep it motivated and involved in the training program.
  2. Second stage includes the repetition of instructions and commands till your dog learns, remembers and starts following them as a habit. This is sort of building a healthy habit practice stage.
  3. The third stage is comprised of introducing any distraction to make sure that the habits have been properly and permanently embedded in the minds of dogs. A kind of test is thrown after the learning sessions.
  4. The last stage and final stage is about handing over a well trained and groomed dog to the owner. The owner is also advised on few things and instructions are provided to them as well so that the learning process keeps going on.

And finally by the end of the training you have lovable, adorable and an intelligent dog that knows how to behave properly and get pampered.

Dog Training Courses

  1. In-house training and boarding
  2. Group lessons
  3. Private lessons
  4. Jumping and Walking classes
  5. Puppy Lessons

are the types of courses offered by K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre.

Problems solved after training

  • Excessive barking
  • Different behavioural issues
  • Jumping
  • Pulling on lead
  • Pulling clothes off the line
  • Not following or understanding the simple commands
  • Chewing or scratching rugs or doors

are the common problems that would surely be solved after getting trained at K9.

Not just these, but your dog will also learn the socializing skills. The training programs also focus on reducing the anxiety and stress among dogs.

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