Educating Your Furry Friends Makes Things Simple

If you are really wondering what will be the best thing you can do for your dog this year, then believe it is training and educating it so that its life also changes for good.

Dogs are known to be the first domesticated species and over the time, the bond between humans and dogs grew something of more than an owner and pet. In no time these cute and loyal animals make special places in our hearts and homes and each time they do something adorable, we fall in love with them again and again. But that really does not mean that parenting dogs is an easy task. In fact it is an up-hill job. Tolerating their stubborn and weird behaviour is sometimes really hard and this is the time you start to feel why you adopted them.

Mathematics told us that for every problem there exists a solution. And so for the parenting issues of dog – dog training; K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre in Australia (Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast) offers some of the best dog training classes, which not only make your dog follow your command but also solve many of their behavioural issues as well.

Learning Process
The method employed in teaching your dog is really a proven one apart from being dog-friendly. The whole process is simple as well. The dogs are rewarded when they complete a given task and slowly the frequency of rewarding is reduced. This way they learn to understand and follow the commands. The 4 stages included are:

1st Stage – Making the dogs understand what command is. A positive motivating experience helps them in learning what they are required to do.

2nd Stage – Training Phase – dogs should develop the training lessons as habit. In order to do they are required to repeat the task.

3rd Stage – Proofing; during this stage, the dogs are put through test by introducing any kind of distraction to make sure that the dog has learned his lessons be heart and any distraction cannot budge him.

4th Stage – Till this stage your Dog Training Sydney is ready with all the best habits inhibited in it. It is more adorable, lovable and does not create nuisance.

K9 Classes are very much dog friendly and the trainers own more than 15 years of professional experience of dog training. To get the best results, they create separate routines and training designs as per the temperament of dog, it needs and requirements. So either you can choose day boarding classes/ in- house dog training, group lessons, private lessons or simple jump and walk classes, your dog will receive the best of the training at K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre.

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Dog Behaviour Issues sorted- K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre

When you are parent of a dog, then you have so many extra responsibilities. Making him the food, taking it for a walk, and doing every bit of the task of its. And to add to your job, the cute furs at times become so difficult to handle, that even without any intention you get annoyed and irritated. Handling dogs is a real task. Being stubborn, throwing tantrums and getting over excited are just their tricks to achieve the wanted attention and getting pampered. If you are in no hurry or do have any other important task to do, bearing with these behaviours is quite easy and in fact you too enjoy it. However, when you are already getting late or have some very important preparation to do, tolerating the ill behaviour of your dogs not only develops anger but also a bit of hatred for those souls who love you unconditionally. To avoid this feeling from getting developed, get your dog trained so that it will also be able to help not just itself but also take off a little burden from your shoulders too.

If you are located at Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast, then you have the best dog trainers around at Newcastle- the well known K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre. The centre is known for imparting the best Dog Behaviour Training courses using the positive reinforcement technique. The trainers here hold valuable experience of more than 15 years and know exactly that your differs from others and thus need to be treated as an individual soul. By understanding the fact that the temperament of each dog is different from each other, K9 acknowledges the individuality of the dogs, treating them the way they would like to be treated. All the dog training methods are dog friendly and your dog will surely enjoy its training period.

Common Problems Of The Dogs that K9 Dog Training Centre Resolves

There are number of problems that can be solved by dog training. Here is the list of the most common issues that get definitely resolved, once your dog gets trained at K9 Dog Trainer Sydney.

• Jumping

• Getting Overexcited

• Feeling Anxious

• Scratching and whining

• Barking unnecessarily

• Lack of social skills

• Not able to walk on the lead or pulling the rope

• And all other behavioural issues.

• Not understanding or following the commands

• Chewing the household stuff

Dog Training Courses Offered At K9 Dog Training Centre

K9 Dog Training Centre offers the following Dog Training Courses

• Online Courses

• Dog Boarding Classes

• Puppy Classes

• Private Classes

• Group Lessons

• Simple Walking and Jumping

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Guaranteed Dog Training Programs Now In your Locality!

Whenever a dog misbehaves or fails to show etiquettes and manners, we usually end up saying that it is very stubborn and a bad dog. It is very rarely acknowledged that dogs are like kids who require to be taught and trained and it is the bad if their of guardians or parents who fail to understand that training and teaching is not just helpful for the dogs but it is also a boon for them. Dog Behaviour Training is not something that develops artificial habits or mannerisms but it is actually a way of making your dog more understandable, intelligent, self-confident, self-dependent and above all more responsible and adorable.


If you are a well-wisher of your dog then surely you would like your dog to be a friend who not just follows your commands but also ease out day to day work also by managing his chorus and not disturbing in mid of an important work and be that much confident to face the world without panicking. And that where dog training helps. With expert training you can make your dog the best dog in the world.


K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre is a famous and reliable Newcastle and Sydney Dog Training with its premises located at Newcastle. They offer various training programs that help in grooming and development of your dog by instilling good manners, habit of following the commands, socializing behaviour and reduce anxiety among them. They adapt the positive reinforcement training method that is gentle on dogs but makes sure that they get their lessons learn by heart so much so that it becomes their day-to-day habit. The whole training is divided in 4 parts or stages and each stage makes sure that your dog improves on every front. The trainers own 15 years of valuable experience and very well know that each dog differs just like humans. And thus unique and most suitable methods and schedules are developed according to the individual temperaments of the dogs.


Dog Boarding Central Coast is one of the leading training programs offered by K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre. It is a 14 day program that addresses all the major issues of the dogs.

Group Lessons and Private Lessons are also offered along with the Puppy Classes and simple classes are conducted to make your dog learn walk without lead and stop jumping. You can also avail the online classes and teach your dog on your own. In addition you get full guarantee and additional support and follow up once the training is completed.

Make your furry friend join these classes now!

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Get Your Dog Trained To Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Are you a dog parent?

If yes then this is for you. Today we are going to talk about the most common yet the most difficult problems of dogs and that is behavioral issues and anxiety and how to get them fixed. Many times you must have heard and experienced too that dogs are just like kids. They want to be the centre of attention of everyone in the house and play around like a kid, throwing tantrums and showing your love in the most adorable manner. However, the problem comes when they display unwanted behavior like barking all the time, whining, scratching the door, chewing the house stuff, or just digging the backyard. Even when someone visits, either they are too shy or excessively defensive. At times we may think that this is just to seek attention as always. But this may be not the case always. The behavioral issues like being too timid shy, or going out of control may be due to anxiety.

(Dog Training Online )

Anxiety among dogs is very common and thus is not addressed many times by the dog owners. But controlling and treating anxiety should be on your priority for every dog parent. Why? Because treating the dog’s anxiety will help to grow its confidence, make him more understanding and calm all the time. This indeed will be great a relief for you in return. But the question is how to treat the anxiety among dogs?


Well here you need to understand that anxiety in your dog could be either the emotional one or related to any health issue. If its mental or physical health that is developing anxiety in your dog then provide your dog with a good medical care. However, if its emotional one or a habitual thing, then get your dog trained. Dog Behavior Training is one of the best methods to develop confidence among dogs and reduce anxiety and stress.


The K9 Dog Obedience Training centre at Newcastle provides various classes that help the dogs develop socializing skills, self-confidence and make him more adorable in every respect. The methods employed at K9 Dog Training Centre are dog friendly and use gentle means of imparting the lessons.


The training at K9 Training Centre ensures that your dog not just learns the regular commands that you want him to follow, but also they help in reducing the stress among dogs. The Group lessons, for example are great to inhibit socializing skills. It is not necessary that your dog should be friendly with the humans or other dogs only, but they should also be soft towards other pets. These group lessons make your dog learn the social etiquettes and become friendlier.

Similarly, In-house or day-boarding classes give overall grooming to your dog. These classes are thus quite popular among the dog-owners. If there is some special requirement then K9’s private lessons address those special requirements with complete focus on one dog only. Simple walking and jumping classes are also available at K9 Dog Training Centre.

The dog trainers at K9 have more than 15 years of experience in dog training. They completely understand that each dog differs from the other just like the humans differ from each other. And thus dedicated training programs and schedules are designed so as to make sure that your dog receives the best training. Undeniably K9 Dog Training Centre is one of the remarkable institutes for your dog to get trained and graduated like a good kid.

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The Guaranteed Dog Behaviour Training Programs at Newcastle, Sydney and Central Coast


Parenting a dog can be really very tough job if you have someone like Pauline’s Sid or Mark’s Archie. The behavioural issues that were displayed by Sid and Archie were extremes.Mark remembers that how Archie was an out-of control dog as he used to chew kid’s shoes, dig the floor or pull the clothes of the line. And Pauline says

“Sid was a dog who would bite, run away, not sit and bark all the time.”

Clearly both of them used to give a tough time to their guardians. But how did they improve. The credit goes to K9 Dog Training Programs held at Newcastle and can be taken up by the dog-parents from Sydney and Central Coast.


As per Mark,

K9 TRAINING taught Archie control, he now sits, drops, stays and is a pleasure to walk. He does not display any of his old problems.”

And for Pauline, K9 did an amazing job as Sid can now sit, drop, stay and walk on lead on its own.


If you too, like Pauline and Mark, want to get an easy life with your pet, then there could be no better option than getting it trained at K9 Dog Behaviour Training Centre. 

The dog training methods employed at K9 Dog Training Centre are very friendly. In addition depending upon the temperament of the individual dogs, special programs are created to address special needs and fix some serious behavioural issues. The Dog Trainers here have more than 15 years of professional experience.


They have 4 types of programs and according to your dog’s need and your convenience you can pick any of the given programs-

  • In-house Training and Boarding– These are the most popular classes and impart the best of learning to your dog. All the major behavioural issues are sorted and he is a perfect paw-some after receiving the training. It learns socializing, good habits and etiquettes, and following your commands in one go.
  • Private Lessons– Dogs display some common problems at times, however there are few issues that are completely personal and can be seen only in individuals. To solve these, get your dog enrolled in private classes so that all its special requirements can be met.
  • Walking and Jumping– These classes simply make your dog learn to walk without lead and makes it calmer. The unnecessary hopping and jumping is stopped and you have and easy to handle pet by your side.
  • Group Classes- Make your dog socially active and make him learn to be a good kid in front of friends and family. The group classes help a lot in reducing stress among dogs make them friendly in nature. These classes also make your dog confident and adorable so that everyone likes to make friends with them.

In addition, you are given full assistance and regular tips on making your dog better. The guaranteed programs by K9 are really very helpful, not just for you but for your dog as well.

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When K9 Dog Training Is There, Be Assured For Your Dog- Book the Best Dog Training Course Now!

Those cute little puppy faces makes everyone fall in love with them and win heart with their loyalty, innocent and unconditional love. Surely there is a reason for calling them “man’s best friend”.  However there might be few things that may scare you away from having a dog or if you already own one then you must be knowing that at times our “paw-some” friends are really difficult to handle.


To make them all time favourite, choose K9 dog behaviour Training Programs that not only make your dog more sensible and understanding but also tackle with various dog problems like anxiety, behavioural issues, introvert nature, over enthusiasm or simply make them walk without any lead and follow the basic commands.


Positive Reinforcement Technique For Dog Training

To train the dogs a positive reinforcement technique is implied and depending upon the temperament of the dogs, different schedules and programs are developed. The positive reinforcement technique involves rewarding the dog on completion of the task. The frequency of the rewarding is then gradually decreased to make sure that your dog does not develop being greedy or expects a reward every time. The process is continued till the commands or training becomes habit.


The 4- Stage Training Method

A four-stage Dog Training Method is adopted by us to ensure that by the end of training, your dog will be at his best behaviour.

1st Stage

The first stage is known as the teaching in positive reinforcement or reward base stage, where first of all your dog will be taught what exactly a specific command demands of him.

2nd Stage

During the stage two or training period, your dog is repeatedly trained and taught those exact commands so that he will be able to memorise it thoroughly.

3rd Stage

The stage three or proofing stage ensures that even if any distraction is created, he still follows the command and does what is asked of him. To check this, various methods are followed which include distracting him with various props like tennis balls, or treats, another person entering the training area, etc.

4th Stage

At the final stage or the fourth stage, your dog will no longer with the running, jumping, dragging you down the road, barking restlessly, etc. In addition to this, it is made sure that a single experienced trainer is provided to each dog, during his full course duration. This helps in making your dog more and more familiar with the trainer and thus doing better at the commands and exercises.

Make your dog more lovable and adorable with the best dog training programs in and around your town.

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Training Your Dog- The K9’s Best Positive Reinforcement Programs

Hardly can any person ever say no to the cute and innocent faces of the puppies! Although, most of us are a fan of our “paw-some” and furry friends, but, controlling them, and teaching them the right manners is a whole new chapter.

K9 Training Centre is one of the most famous and renowned Dog Training centres at Newcastle and offers its services in Sydney and Gold Coast as well. What sets them apart from other competitors is the use of proven staged Dog Behaviour Training  methods, which have proved to be successful for over 99% dogs. Apart from this, you will also be provided a guarantee that, in case, a new problem arises or any past dog problem re-occurs, you dog will be given free follow-up lessons for 12 months. Furthermore, you also get to enjoy a telephone support for the lifetime of your dog.


With each of the trainers having over 15 years of experience in the field of dog training, you can stay rest assured that your dog is in very safe hands and is getting top-notch dog behaviour training. Dogs are treated with much respect, and kindness. They are approached in a friendly manner so as to ensure that no harm is done to your dog.

K9’s Various Training Programs

The various types of dog training courses available are in-house and boarding, private lessons, walking and jumping, and group lessons.


  • K9 Dog Obedience Training provides Dog Boarding Sydney, where the dogs are kept at our family property at the Central coast for 14 days. This 14day period is where your dog picks up complete obedience and learns various commands like sit and stay, drop and stay, recalling on demand, socialising with other dogs in a gentle and friendly manner, etc. They will also be taught to walk on loose leads and not run away from you. Common problems like jumping, chewing, pulling, excessive barking, biting, etc., will be resolved. At max, they allow only 3 to 4 dogs on the course during a single time, so you can be assured that your dogs will stay healthy, fit, and happy.


  • Coming to the private lessons, at K9 Dog Obedience Training provides one to one dog training for duration of one hour each, on Saturdays and Sundays. First, a thorough assessment of your dog and the environment will be done, and accordingly, training structure of your dog will be planned. With the help of lucrative treats and tips, your dog will be assisted during his training period, making it easy for him to understand and follow the command. Then end result will include putting a stop to various dog problems like digging, jumping, pulling on lead, anti-social behaviour, aggression towards people, incessant barking, scratching, whining, etc.
  • Walking and jumping courses focus only on teaching your dog to walk on loose leads and stop jumping.
  • Group lessons are focused especially towards puppies, and help your puppy learn obedience right from the start. These lessons are of 45 minutes length, and make use of various rewarding and positive reinforcement training techniques. At the end of the course, your puppy will be able to follow up various commands like sit, drop, and recall, socialise properly with other dogs, etc.

So, enrol your dog in your various dog training courses to get a happy, obedient, and controlled companion, whom you can put your full trust on.

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