Addressing Separation Anxiety Among Dogs

Anxiety in Dogs
A very less understood topic when it comes the parenting the pets. Becoming a guardian or parents to a dog is really not easy. Along with fun with furry friend comes responsibility, which is not easy to carry out. One needs to understand the behaviour of the pet dog, know the different issues that may need fixing and also shower love and care to make the bond stronger and healthier. Although many of bad the bad habits like chewing, not coming when called or pulling on the lead, can be fixed and lessons can be taught to make the dog obedient and well mannered, what remains difficult is meeting the emotional needs and addressing the over-passiveness and anxiousness of the dog. And at times they are also possessive about their guardian.
In most of the cases, separation anxiety is seen among dogs. Whenever their loved one is leaving the house, they start behaving weirdly, bark for no reason, show stubbornness and at times even stop the guardians from going out. Whether you are going out for long time or just for few hours, the typical anxious behaviour exhibited by the dogs is surely not a good sign. Feeling agitated self-injury, house-destruction, and depression, defecates, bark, howl etc may be the signs of separation anxiety.
But hey! Take a sigh of relief because there are methods and techniques which can help your dog overcome this issue. K9 Dog Behaviour Training Newcastle brings its best training sessions for dogs that not only help your dog in becoming well behaved but also these training lessons addresses the various behavioural issues of the dogs. The separation anxiety of your dog can also be tackled if targeted properly. The dog training sessions develop socializing skills among dogs and also make them learn different activities like following your commands, not to bark without any reason, keep calm and composed on meeting a friend or family etc.
To address the different issues of the dogs, positive reinforcement training method is employed at the K9 Dog Obedience Training Newcastle. This technique permanently instils the lessons and depending upon the temperament of your dog a training schedule and sessions are planned. With more than15 years of experience, the trainers at K9 make sure that your dog gets the treatments it deserves and training it requires.
The types of training lessons offered at K9 Dog Obedience Centre are-
  • In-house Training
  • Private Sessions
  • Group Classes
  • Walking and Jumping
Special Puppy Classes and Dog Boarding Sydney are quite popular. Get online schedules and training courses as well.


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Dog Behaviour Training-The K9 Dog Training Centre Offers Best Classes

Some people love pets, especially the dogs, however avoid keeping one because they are scared as they see stubborn and bad behaving dogs that bark excessively or misbehave with neighbours or friends/ family visiting the house. Some dogs even chew the expensive carpets pr become excessively possessive or are groped with anxiety all the time. Such types of dogs scare away the pet-lovers as they feel they will not be able to take responsibility. Or even if they keep one, soon they think of sending it away to the shelter home.
But for a while think of a dog that shares your responsibilities and is becomes your best companion. If you are wondering that is it possible to have a dog that is calm and quiet and follows your commands without any difficulty then the answer is yes. The K9 Dog Training Centre at New Castle has taken up the responsibility of training your dog and changing it for good.
Training Technique
The K9 Dog Training Sydney uses positive reinforcement training technique. It is based on rewarding the dog with its favourite eatables or toys in the initial stages. As the training progresses the frequency of rewarding is gradually is decreased so as to make sure that your dog does not become greedy or completes the task just to get rewarded each time. With progression your dog learns to follow the commands and with regular practice the learning becomes habit.
Not just following the commands but even the typical issues like socialising, controlling excessive anxiety and behavioural temperament can be tackled gently. The trainers at K9 Dog Training Centre hold more than 15 years of experience in dog training and thus are able to devise perfect learning program for individual dogs depending upon their behaviour and issues to be addressed.
Training Programs
In-house Boarding- Dog Boarding Sydney is offered by K9 Dog Training Centre for areas in Newcastle, Sydney and Gold Coast. This program extends up to 14 days and is quite intensive in imparting training. The methods employed are gentle but they leave a lasting impact. By the end of the training program you will have a healthier and happier dog.
Private Lessons- You can reach out to K9 Training Centre for private lessons. These are one-on-one sessions and your dog will have all the attention with a dedicated training schedule. The duration of session is one hour.
Group Classes- To inhibit socializing skills in your dog, choose group classes. Along with fixing other behavioural issues, your dog will learn to be friends with other pets and enjoy a healthy social life. This also helps in reducing passiveness and anxiety of your dog.
Walking and Jumping– To make your dog learn simple commands you can choose walking and jumping classes.
The classes are in full swing now and you can do the booking over phone or drop by their facility centre.


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Dog Behaviour Training New Castle- Bursting Out The Old Myths and Training Techniques

There are many myths regarding Dog Behaviour Training and most of the times these myths are based upon the experiences shared by the dog owners who did not get the desired results from the dog training they chose for their dogs. However, we cannot generalise the things just because of few experiences. There are many happy dog owners too who have sent their dogs to K9 Centre New Castle and have got a more lovable and happier dogs than before.
For example Mark’s Archie was an uncontrollable dog-
… Archie was out of control he would dig, pull clothes of the line, chew the kids shoes, you name it he did it.” 

But now Mark is full of praises for his lovable Archie and gives the credit to the training that Archie received K9 Dog Boarding Sydney.
According to Mark K9 TRAINING taught Archie control, he now sits, drops, stays and is pleasure to walk. He does not display any of his old problems.”
Mark is not the only one. There are many others who feel that K Dog Training has really brought amazing changes in their furry, lovable pet.
The Myths of Dog Training Busted!
  1. Older Dogs cannot be trained
Truth- They can be. However it’s just that they may take some more time than the younger ones and need to attend the dog boarding classes.K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre offers best day boarding at New Castle, Sydney, and Central Coast.
  1. Every Dog is same and thus single technique can be used to train every dog.
Truth– Every dog is not same. They own different characteristics; temperament and learning capabilities are also different. Therefore each individual dog needs unique and individual training program so that it is able to learn properly. Though at times the behaviour displayed by them may match, but the cause and reason for that behaviour can be different.

At K9 Dog Training Classes, the professional trainers with more than 15 years of experience know very well that each dog need special training and thus devise and equip the most suitable classes and techniques for your dog.
  1. The behaviour issues like anxiety, excessive barking etc cannot be resolved.
Truth- the behaviour issues need to be addressed as soon as possible and can be easily sorted out with proper guidance and training.

The K9 Dog Training centre makes sure that your dog receives the training that addresses their deeply rooted behaviour issues. After the training you will get a calmer and relaxed friend.
  1. Socializing skills! How can a dog learn to mix up?
Truth- Training can do wonders when it comes to socializing skills. Like the group classes conducted at K9 Dog Training Centre successfully infuse the socializing skills. Moreover with proper training your dog will be more confident and relaxed and thus will not find it stressful to meet new people and make friends with them.
Dogs are more than friends or family. It is in fact a living soul that loves you unconditionally and offers its loyalty without any doubt. So now when you have such wonderful pet by your side, gift it the best training program and make your relationship stronger and happier.
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Dog Behaviour Training –Sydney, Central Coast and New Castle

K9 Dog Training Sessions at Sydney, Central Coast and New Castle bring the most effective and fun-learning training sessions for your dogs. Including day-boarding classes, group lessons, simple lessons for command following and private lessons, K9 Dog Training Centre helps in addressing all the major problems of your dog.
Dog Training Online is essential not just for but also for your dog. These training classes work on principle of rewarding- the positive reinforcement. For each task completed your dog is rewarded and gradually the intensity of offering rewards is decreased. At the end of the training a test is performed by bringing in any distraction and asking your dog to follow the command. This test ensures that your dog’s training is accomplished or not. The teachings must be embedded as habits so that even any distractions does not shifts the focus your dog from the task it is being asked to complete.
The training periods of Dog Boarding Central Coast differ from each and other and so do the training techniques and implementations. As the temperament, behaviours and problems of individual dogs differ from each other, specified programs are designed exclusively for individual dogs, meeting the requirements and necessities of training.
The most common and special issues are addressed by K9 professional experts. Your dog will get the best trainers here and can dog training online. You will also be given special instructions to follow while indulging in practice sessions with your dog.
The common problems solved by Dog Behaviour Training are-
Anxiety, phobias and fears in Dogs-
First of all what we need to understand here is that anxiety, fear and phobia are three distinct things, and accordingly you need to understand that your dog needs attention. These are common traits among canines and can be cured and fixed to great extent with proper training and learning. Persistent of these traits is not healthy for your dog. Sometimes these conditions also need extra medical attention.
Socializing Skills
Socializing skills are must for your dog, so that they know how to behave with your guests or whenever you take them out for a visit to some friend’s place. Moreover socializing skills also help in reducing stress and anxiety among dogs.
Following Commands
Make your dog learn to follow simple commands and develop healthy communication amongst yourself. Following commands will also help you in day-to-day life. You will not have to run after your dog every time to make him complete a simple task.
Behavioural Issues
Throwing tantrums, barking unnecessarily, being stubborn or showing extremely aggressive behaviour are counted as behavioural issues. These can be easily fixed with effective training sessions and will drastically bring improvement of your dog’s behaviour. With behavioural issues being addressed you dog will become more composed and relaxed.
A full guaranteed program to make your dog more adorable and lovable is offered by K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre. Enroll your dog now!
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Book the Best Dog Boarding Classes in Sydney and New Castle

What your dog needs?

Dogs are adorable. They love you unconditionally, and their loyalty cannot be questioned at all. But along with these lovely traits, they also pose some unwanted habits. However, it is you who need to understand what your dog wants and what its requirements are. Once you have understood the basic nature of your dog, it becomes easier for you to manage and tackle it. Everything that your dog needs or you want it to do can be achieved with dog obedience training. There should be healthy communication between you and your dog. If there is anything which your dog is unable to understand or follow, shouting at it or forcing it do the tasks will only make the things worse.
The Best Learning Experience is Offered Here in Dog Boarding Newcastle
K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre New Castle, hereby bring you the most effect dog-training classes. With 15 years of experience, the professional trainers at K9 very well know and understand that which training technique needs to be implemented on your dog. Depending up on the temperament of your dog, the training course is decided and accordingly the training sessions start.

Positive Reinforcement Technique
The fundamental technique used at K9 Dog Training Centre is Positive Reinforcement Method. These techniques woks on rewarding principle that is when the dog achieves the desired goal, it is rewarded. However, this surely does not mean spoiling your canine. Slowly and gradually the amount and frequency of rewarding is reduced and in a healthy manner habits are developed and instilled in your Dog Trainer Sydney.
The Classes at K9 Dog Obedience Centre, New Castle, Sydney, and Central Coast
Whichever class you choose for you furry friend, K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre is bound by its commitment of imparting the best lessons and training to your dog.
Dog Boarding Classes are quite popular sessions as many behavioural and day to day issues of dogs get resolved in these classes. The duration of in-house or boarding training is of 14 days. In this span, your dog is made to learn about the basic socializing etiquettes and behavioural issues like excessive barking, or chewing or throwing tantrums are effectively resolved. In addition, these classes are of great help in reducing anxiety among dogs. By the end of training your dog has learnt walking without lead, follow he commands like sit, come, stay etc and socializing skills towards human akin animals.
If you are looking for puppy classes, then K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre also offers learning sessions for Puppies. In addition you can also go for private lessons and group lessons.
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Trusted Dog-Boarding Training Centre-Sydney and New Castle

Digger is a German Shepherd and the first dog I have owned and he would just not listen to us. He would not come when called, pulled on lead, jumped up on us and our visitors. We were at the stage of giving him away. . .”Peter wrote.

Well, this is not just Peter’s problem. In fact one of the most commonly faced problem by the dog owners. But this can be easily overcome. And how did Peter’s Digger become an obedient and well behaved dog?

Dog Training Online

Through the positive reinforcement training imparted by K9Dog Obedience Training Centre, Sydney. In words of Peter himself, he was “Spellbound!” when he saw such a great change in Digger by Dog Training Online.

Dog Boarding Sydney

K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre first understood the cause of bad behaviour being displayed by Digger and accordingly devised a plan, which was implemented with private lessons based on reward and positive reinforcement technique and conducted at K9’s training field. Digger required private lessons; however, it is not necessary that each dog will require going through the same plan. The behaviour and nature of dogs differs from each other .Therefore, depending upon the assessment done, each dog at Dog Boarding Sydney gets unique training plan that suits their temperament. Along with private lessons, K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre also offers Day boarding classes around Sydney and New Castle. They also have puppy lessons and group lessons. All the training techniques are dog-friendly and make sure that your dog learns the good behaviour and socializing skills.

Dog Behaviour Training

Dog Training Classes at K9

  • In In-house or dog boarding training course, your dog is put to intensive training for 14 days. With “intensive training”, it does not mean that your dog will be put through vigorous and hard Dog Behaviour Training. But it is intensive in its approach and gentle in application. The methods implied are comfortable and gentle on dogs yet effective enough to impart the lessons to your dog and make it learn with rewards given to it on completion of the task.

  • The private lessons are one-on-one sessions and special puppy lessons are also there, suitable for the puppies below 5 years of age.

  • Group lessons are perfect for instilling socializing skills in your dog.

  • And the simplest classes teach your dog to come when called and walk without lead, along with other basic things and activities.

Many of the behavioural issues are solved by the dog obedience training provided at K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre, New Castle. Excessive barking, anxiety, restlessness, chewing, tearing scratching, and many such other problems will be solved and you will have a more adorable and lovable dog.

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Dog Obedience Training – A Communication Channel Between You And Your Dog

There may have been times when you would have thought of giving up your dog to shelter house again, due to its extreme behavioural issues that were sometimes so pressurizing and demanding that you thought to quit and get rid of your best pet. Well, guess what? You are not the only one who feels like this at some point so you really need not to feel guilty of having some bad thoughts about your canine. However, what you need to think is how to fix these issues. Yes, you read it right, any behaviour issue of dogs can be fixed provided they are given proper Dog Behaviour Training and learning sessions.

Dogs and pups are attention seekers and want to remain your favourite. Just like your other friends, they also want to communicate with you, want to get pampered and would get jealous and possessive if they think they are being sidelined because of any visitor. The temperament of dogs differs on individual basis which makes them either very enthusiastic, or very anxious or very depressed and introvert. All these issues need to be seriously addressed. If want to have a healthy relationship with your dog, a two way communication is necessary. This means whatever you say, you dog should understand and whatever he wants you are able to understand.

Get your dog trained with best rewarding programs of K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre.

K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre provides its services all over the places in Sydney, New Castle and Central Coast. The complex and field training centre is located at Central Coast, just at a ride of 35 minutes from Sydney and 45 minutes from New Castle.

The trainers here have more than 15 years of professional experience and leave no stones unturned in making your dog a better pet.

Here they understand the fact that every dog is a different individuall and thus special programs are made for it’s better learning. Not just that, special diets and needs are also catered and your furry friends are looked after well.

There are different types of programs including private lessons and in-house training and boarding program for dogs above the age of 5 years. For pups lying in the age group 1-5 Puppy Classes are there to give a good start for later on learning process.

The learning process has 4 stages. As the dogs learn through repetition, the 4 stages are designed in such a manner that the process is dog-friendly and your dog is able to learn at every stage. Based on rewarding technique, after completion of each stage you get a calmer, more understandable, confident and lovable dog.

K9 even has Dog Training Online sessions.

The obedience training under K9 focuses on addressing all the behavioural issues of dogs like excessive barking, chewing, not coming when called, pulling on lead, being stubborn, over-anxiety and boosts up the confidence of your dog by instilling social etiquettes and habits.

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