Dog Training at Sydney- Make Your Dog More Lovable and Intelligent

Training your dog can solve many day-to-day problems. At times handling and taking care of your pet pup can be a very daunting task. Therefore, K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre brings you the best dog training programs in Sydney that solves many of your and your dog’s problems and gives a new and fresh lifestyle to your dog.

Why To Choose K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre

The trainers at K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre hold almost 15 years of significant experience in respective field. They are professionally well qualified trainers who understand dogs’ behaviour and accordingly carry out the training sessions. At K9, the trainers acknowledge the fact that just like humans, dogs too differ in mood, nature, and behaviour and same technique for Dog Boarding Sydney cannot be implied at every canine. The requirements and issues are different and thus the method to tackle the issues and train the dog should also be different, suitable to the mental and physical comfort of an individual dog. This is what makes K9 dog obedience training different from other training centres.

The training methods employed are dog-friendly and reward based positive reinforcement technique is used to motivate your dog and teach it the basic etiquettes and good behaviour. With quality also get the guarantee that includes 12- months of follow-ups on re-training program just in case your dog needs some extra attention.

Dog Training Methods At K9 Dog obedience Training Centre

At K9 Training Centre, the learning sessions have been divided in 4 stages.

  1. The first stage is all about understanding the dog’s behaviour and makes the dog know and understand the commands you wish it to follow. On completion of the task, dog is rewarded to keep it motivated and involved in the training program.
  2. Second stage includes the repetition of instructions and commands till your dog learns, remembers and starts following them as a habit. This is sort of building a healthy habit practice stage.
  3. The third stage is comprised of introducing any distraction to make sure that the habits have been properly and permanently embedded in the minds of dogs. A kind of test is thrown after the learning sessions.
  4. The last stage and final stage is about handing over a well trained and groomed dog to the owner. The owner is also advised on few things and instructions are provided to them as well so that the learning process keeps going on.

And finally by the end of the training you have lovable, adorable and an intelligent dog that knows how to behave properly and get pampered in Dog Boarding Newcastle.

Dog Training Courses

  1. In-house or boarding training courses
  2. Group lessons
  3. Private lessons
  4. Jumping and Walking classes
  5. Puppy Lessons

are the types of courses offered by K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre.

Problems solved after training

  • Excessive barking
  • Different behavioural issues
  • Jumping
  • Pulling on lead
  • Pulling clothes off the line
  • Not following or understanding the simple commands
  • Chewing or scratching rugs or doors

are the common problems that would surely be solved after getting trained at K9.

Not just these, but your dog will also learn the socializing skills. The training programs also focus on reducing the anxiety and stress among dogs.

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Impart Best Behaviour Training to Your Dog – Sydney

Raising a dog is not an easy task. However, many of the problems can be solved by the obedience training. Obedience training is important for your canine as it can help in improving your furry friend to a great extent. Dogs are social animals. But if not taught or trained well, they can prove to be very stubborn and messy. You need to inhibit social and behavioural skills in your dog and as the fact goes that a well trained dog is much healthier and happier dog. Getting your dog trained has many advantages. Some of them can be listed as-

Dog Boarding Sydney

  • Not just the dog in itself, but as the owner, you too would feel your burden being lightened and can have a friend for life.
  • A groomed dog is able to attract attentions and is more adorable.
  • They create fewer nuisances, are appreciated and welcomed by neighbours, family and friends just as a part of their family.

This enhances the confidence of your pup and it is able to lead a healthier and socialising life. So now you have many reasons to get your dog well trained and to impart the best learning choose K9 Dog Obedience Training Programs brought to you by K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre at Sydney, New Castle and Central Coast Australia.

The K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre makes sure that your dog gets the best and most suitable lessons. A number of problems like excessive barking, jumping, pulling on lead, chewing, being stubborn and displaying unhealthy habits and behaviour etc will be surely solved with their training methods and programs. The trainers at K9 have been into the job for more than 15 years and are very well at training the dogs of different behaviour and nature. K9 also provide free follow-up lessons for next 12 months and telephonic support for lifetime.  They use the proven Dog Training Methods that are not only gentle on the dogs but are also very friendly and enjoyable in nature.

Dog Training Methods

Take a look at the various dog training courses offered by K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre.

There are majorly 4-types of dog training programs, namely –

  1. In-house training and boarding dog training– The course is of 14 days of intensive live in obedience course at the property of K9, Sydney. It imparts socializing and interacting skills to your dog. After completion of this training, your dog will be able to follow your commands like come, sit, walk etc, and can walk on loose lead. Many behavioural problems will be sorted and you will have a calm and sensible dog than before.
  2. Private Lessons– These are one-on-one session classes conducted at training facility centre. Each lesson extends up to 1 hour and a complete assessment of the behaviour and nature of the dog is conducted. On the basis of the results of assessment, a strategy and program is developed for your dog with some tips and tricks provided to you to handle the behavioural issues.
  3. Walking and Jumping– It is a 3-day course at Central Coast. As the name of the program suggests, you dog will be able to move on without any lead will stop jumping or getting over-enthusiastic.
  4. Group Lessons– Held every week at Dog Boarding Central Coast, group lessons are up to 45 mins of length and the training method employed is the reward and positive reinforcement training. As the sessions are in groups, you dog will be a more interactive and socially active pup after the training, with issues like anxiety, and stubbornness solved. And of course your friend will be more understanding and will be able to follow your commands.

Dog Boarding Central Coast

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The Canine Training with K9 Dog Obedience Training Sydney

Dogs and puppies play a very important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You always have a very good companion to take on a walk, play outdoor games and be in company of a selfless and a loyal friend who will be there with you in every thick and thin.However, the problems come when these friends become over possessive, stubborn and start taking an undue advantage of your love, care and at times exhibit bad behaviour.This should be dealt very carefully as our furry friends are not less than any kid.To train your dog and impart good habits, dog behaviour training is the best method.At K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre Sydney, your canine gets the best training by different methods that are devised on the basis of your dog’s behaviour and characteristics.

Why to choose K9 Dog Obedience Training

K9 Dog Dog Boarding Central Coast are professionals and are experts in teaching and training your dog in the best possible manner. Follow up lessons and free training is provided by them just in case your dog’s problems reoccur. But the chances of this are very low as K9 Trainers guarantee sure success. With 15 years of dog training experience, and different methods and programs included for training purpose,be assured that your dog is getting the best learning lessons. After the completion of training your dog will be a pleasure to have and pride of your family.

Problems solved

With Dog Boarding Sydney training the problems that would be solved are-

  • Not coming when called

  • Excessive barking

  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Pulling on lead

  • Chewing

  • Setting of the limit areas

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Pulling clothes of the line

  • Jumping

  • And any other behavioural problem

Methods employed for training purpose

The training is completed in 4 stages.

  • 1st stage is making your dog aware of the commands and then teaching it to understand and follow those commands

  • 2nd stage comprises repeating the commands so that your dog gets habitual of those commands. Repeating the commands to the dogs makes it easier for the dog to remember them in Dog Training Methods .

  • 3rd stage is a sort of examination which checks that has the training turned into habit or not. Any disturbance is introduced while giving the command and the behaviour is noticed. If your dog does not get distracted, then bingo it has successfully graduated the training the course.

  • 4th Stage is just the about building a healthy relationship between you and your dog. After this you have a well trained furry friend that is just a fun to have .

There are number of courses available and you can choose the course as per your requirements. Group lessons and boarding training is also available. For more details visit

Train Your Dog with Motivational Training

Pups and dogs are sheer bundle of joy for the owner. There are reasons as to why dogs are considered to be the man’s best friend. The lively pack of joys, dogs are really helpful and loving. They understand very well how to love and share their care with various activities. Not only they are lovable and caring, but they can also help you in achieving some fitness goals. Taking them out in the park can be a very good activity that may help you in getting rid of those extra pounds. But if your dog is not well behaved and trained, then it might create problems for you. For e.g.:- you may not be able to free you hands, as your furry friend does not know to walk without a lead. This was just an example, even when indoors; your pup must know to follow your commands, behave well in front of guests and must surely learn some hygienic habits. This can be achieved by training your dog.

A well behaved and trained dog is a real pleasure to have. K9 Dog Obedience Training brings some special methods and ways of imparting best of training for your dog. K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre at Sydney uses the positive reinforcement and reward based training in Dog Boarding Sydney. The procedures used are dog-friendly and are according to the behaviour and temperament of you pup. The trainers at K9 Dog Training house understand it well that every dog is different and thus same ways, sessions and procedures cannot be applied on every dog. Special courses are designed along with private lessons , Group lessons and in-house boarding is also available.

The positive reinforcement and reward based method uses a very simple technique. Motivational Training is based upon Thorndike’s Law of Effect, which implies that the actions with reward tend to increase in frequency, and without the rewards, actions decrease in frequency. At K9 Training Centre, a proper chart, which is divided into 4 stages, is prepared. These 4 stages include-

Stage 1– Making your dog understands your commands. To make it follow those commands rewards as in giving it’s favourite food item or anything loved by your dog.

Stage 2– Once your dog is able to understand and follow the commands it is trained repeatedly until it becomes a habit in Dog Obedience Training Sydney.

Stage 3-After making your dog habitual of good habits, a distraction is introduced while making commands to ensure that even if some distraction is there; your dog remains attentive to your command and follows it.

Stage 4-The last stage is actually the concluding phase where you get a well behaved and trained dog that is happy, confident, calm and socializing.

With completion of K9 training and teaching sessions many of the major problems are solved and you have a very loving and dear friend of yours, shining like a bright student, who just now graduated with excellent grades.

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Fun Learning and Training For Your Dog- K9 Dog Obedience Training Newcastle

Dogs are those family members who want to grab all the attention every time. The loyal furry friends are undeniably a pleasure to have. Also they are the ones who are smart enough to get trained and help you out in household chores and can be life savers at times as well. But sometimes the behaviour of our loved furry friends becomes a trouble for our neighbours, friends and family members as well. And you too are not spared by them as they throw tantrums like being stubborn, misbehaving with the guests, barking unnecessarily and becoming extra excited when outside.

Such kind of behaviour should not be entertained for long time. Because once or twice ignored out of love, within no time this bad behaviour becomes a habit and nature of your dog. Just like kids need to be taught good things, your dog also needs to be trained so that you do not have to worry about it every time. K9 Dog Obedience Training Program New Castle has come up with some interesting and fun learning ways, which will not only help your dog to learn some of the basic manners and etiquettes but also your dog will be able to carry out your instructions without creating any trouble. Imagine a well mannered dog, behaving nicely and following your orders at a single command. Of course nothing could be more relaxing than this as you will be spared from doing babysitting for your dog.

Choose K9 Dog Training New Castle to impart the best of dog training to your dog.

Why choose K9 Training?

The Dog Training Methods employed to train the dogs are effective, dog friendly and fun

With more than 15 years of experience, the trainers here use training techniques that have always yielded positive results.

The trainers spend time and understand the behaviour of the dog before starting the training sessions.

According to the individuality of the dog, different methods and ways are used to ensure that your dog‘s learning sessions are on the right track in the right direction.

Not only dogs, but the owners of the dogs are given guidance of how to teach various good habits to their dogs.

Grow a fonder and healthy relationship with your dog.

Choose K9 training so that your pup is your pride and not just a responsibility. Suiting to your requirement and your dog’s need, you can pick any dog training courses offered by K9 Dog Training Newcastle. They have in-house training or boarding, private lessons, walking and jumping lessons and group lessons.

The training is divided into 4 simple stages and with each stage being covered, you can surely see the positive and healthy changes brought by K9 Dog Obedience Training, in your dog.

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Dog Training Courses in Australia

For many, a dog is not just an animal or pet, but it is a family member, who waits for you when you are away, plays with you, entertains, and remains with you in thick and thin. Dog’s loyalty and unconditional love towards their owners needs not be testified. However, there have been many instances where the behaviour of family dog becomes an issue, not only for neighbours, friends or family, but also for the owners themselves. What many people are unaware of is that if given a proper training dogs can be really life savers and pride of the family too.

K9 Dog Obedience Training Central Coast Australia is known to train dogs in the best manner and impart teachings to your dogs that can make yours and your dog’s life easy. Training your dog is indeed a good idea but still if you want reasons for that, run through the below mentioned points and get assured that yes a trained dog is undeniably a pleasure to have.

women animals dogs

Training your dog will

  • Improve your bonding by bridging the communication gap
  • Have less or no behavioural issues
  • Increase dog’s reflexes, activates the mind and keep the body of your friend energized
  • Boost the confidence of the shy ones and calm down the aggressive ones
  • Increase the safety
  • Add fun in your and you pup’s life

So now when if you have reasons to get your furry friend trained, check out the training courses offered by K9 Dog Obedience


Dog training Courses

  1. In house training and boarding– It is a 14-days course training at the K9 Dog Training Central Coast, just 35 minutes from Sydney. The training imparts socializing and interacting skills. The issues that are solved include
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Pulling on lead
  • Simple behaviour issues like not coming on call etc
  1. Private Lessons– During the private lessons the trainer will be assessing the environment and surrounding of the dog and will then provide a training structure and plan for you and your dog. This will include some tricks and tips to manage the behavioural issues of the dog.
  2. Walking and Jumping – This is the simplest training and trains your dog to walk without a lead and stop jumping.
  3. Group Lessons – The training is held at every week at the training centre and group lessons are imparted to the dogs. After these sessions your puppy will be able to socialise with other dogs and humans, follow the instructions like sit, drop, recall, and will enhance the interacting skills.

The methods implied are very humble and dog friendly. The techniques used are based upon the individual behaviours of the dogs and K9 Obedience Training ensures you of 99% success in imparting manners and etiquettes to your dog. You will surely love to have a well behaved friend who can communicate to you and understand you as well.



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Give Your Dog the Best Obedience Training

Dogs have been the most loyal animal and time and again it has been proved by the affectionate gestures they show towards the humans who are affectionate towards them. If you have a dog at home, that means you have a kid. The tantrums, possessiveness, habits and activities are so similar to a kid who wants to grab all the attention in the house. Some of these activities may look funny and entertaining at times, but not always. Handling a dog is undeniably a herculean task. To avoid any embarrassing situation in front your neighbours or family or friends impart good obedience training that will also provide you a helping hand. Yes! If trained properly dogs can prove to be very good helping hands.

Many times you must have heard from dog owners that he/she does not come when called, unnecessarily barks, or steals food. To some extent it is because of the owners who are not able to teach their dog do’s and don’ts. To help you out from such situations K9 Dog Obedience Training operating in Sydney, Central Coast and New Castle, Australia, brings some of the best Dog Training Methods.

Dog Training

The working procedure includes 4 stages of training that polishes and hones the skills of your favourite buddy.

The four stages of dog training methods can be understood as follows:-

  • Stage 1- Reward Base Training

Obedience training means that you dog understands the commands given by you and follow manners and etiquettes. But first of all he/she need to know what exactly a command is and what you want him/her to do. Stage 1 covers this section by providing positive reinforcement and motivation to the dog by giving rewards.

  • Stage 2- Training Phase

Once the reward base training is covered and your dog starts understanding you wish and commands, the second stage trains it to follow the instructions by repetition till the activities done when given a command becomes habit.

  • Stage 3- The Testing Phase

Dogs are prone to get easily distracted. But this should not become an excuse for them to miss out any command or habit. To make sure that whatever have been taught to it, has been embedded in the mind properly dog are made to undergo a proofing or testing phase.

  • Stage 4- Final Stage

Most of the things are already covered by stage 3. This stage is simply a revision sort and to make you satisfied and happy that now your dog is completely trained and is a good boy/girl now, who understands what to do, how to do and when to do.


Dog Training Online If observed closely then dogs are as different from each other as we humans. They are in fact individuals in their own manner. So the training methods too are different for different canines. Some are quick learners, some are lazy, some are stubborn and some remain lost on their own thoughts, least interested in knowing what is happening around them. To be a good trainer one must first understand the nature and behaviour of the dog and accordingly proceed and devise methods to train them. This is what is well understood and followed by K9 training team and impart the training accordingly.

Dog Problems Sydney

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