Trusted Dog-Boarding Training Centre-Sydney and New Castle

Digger is a German Shepherd and the first dog I have owned and he would just not listen to us. He would not come when called, pulled on lead, jumped up on us and our visitors. We were at the stage of giving him away. . .”Peter wrote.

Well, this is not just Peter’s problem. In fact one of the most commonly faced problem by the dog owners. But this can be easily overcome. And how did Peter’s Digger become an obedient and well behaved dog?

Dog Training Online

Through the positive reinforcement training imparted by K9Dog Obedience Training Centre, Sydney. In words of Peter himself, he was “Spellbound!” when he saw such a great change in Digger by Dog Training Online.

Dog Boarding Sydney

K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre first understood the cause of bad behaviour being displayed by Digger and accordingly devised a plan, which was implemented with private lessons based on reward and positive reinforcement technique and conducted at K9’s training field. Digger required private lessons; however, it is not necessary that each dog will require going through the same plan. The behaviour and nature of dogs differs from each other .Therefore, depending upon the assessment done, each dog at Dog Boarding Sydney gets unique training plan that suits their temperament. Along with private lessons, K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre also offers Day boarding classes around Sydney and New Castle. They also have puppy lessons and group lessons. All the training techniques are dog-friendly and make sure that your dog learns the good behaviour and socializing skills.

Dog Behaviour Training

Dog Training Classes at K9

  • In In-house or dog boarding training course, your dog is put to intensive training for 14 days. With “intensive training”, it does not mean that your dog will be put through vigorous and hard Dog Behaviour Training. But it is intensive in its approach and gentle in application. The methods implied are comfortable and gentle on dogs yet effective enough to impart the lessons to your dog and make it learn with rewards given to it on completion of the task.

  • The private lessons are one-on-one sessions and special puppy lessons are also there, suitable for the puppies below 5 years of age.

  • Group lessons are perfect for instilling socializing skills in your dog.

  • And the simplest classes teach your dog to come when called and walk without lead, along with other basic things and activities.

Many of the behavioural issues are solved by the dog obedience training provided at K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre, New Castle. Excessive barking, anxiety, restlessness, chewing, tearing scratching, and many such other problems will be solved and you will have a more adorable and lovable dog.

It is advisable to book the classes in advance. For more details visit


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