Impart Best Behaviour Training to Your Dog – Sydney

Raising a dog is not an easy task. However, many of the problems can be solved by the obedience training. Obedience training is important for your canine as it can help in improving your furry friend to a great extent. Dogs are social animals. But if not taught or trained well, they can prove to be very stubborn and messy. You need to inhibit social and behavioural skills in your dog and as the fact goes that a well trained dog is much healthier and happier dog. Getting your dog trained has many advantages. Some of them can be listed as-

Dog Boarding Sydney

  • Not just the dog in itself, but as the owner, you too would feel your burden being lightened and can have a friend for life.
  • A groomed dog is able to attract attentions and is more adorable.
  • They create fewer nuisances, are appreciated and welcomed by neighbours, family and friends just as a part of their family.

This enhances the confidence of your pup and it is able to lead a healthier and socialising life. So now you have many reasons to get your dog well trained and to impart the best learning choose K9 Dog Obedience Training Programs brought to you by K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre at Sydney, New Castle and Central Coast Australia.

The K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre makes sure that your dog gets the best and most suitable lessons. A number of problems like excessive barking, jumping, pulling on lead, chewing, being stubborn and displaying unhealthy habits and behaviour etc will be surely solved with their training methods and programs. The trainers at K9 have been into the job for more than 15 years and are very well at training the dogs of different behaviour and nature. K9 also provide free follow-up lessons for next 12 months and telephonic support for lifetime.  They use the proven Dog Training Methods that are not only gentle on the dogs but are also very friendly and enjoyable in nature.

Dog Training Methods

Take a look at the various dog training courses offered by K9 Dog Obedience Training Centre.

There are majorly 4-types of dog training programs, namely –

  1. In-house training and boarding dog training– The course is of 14 days of intensive live in obedience course at the property of K9, Sydney. It imparts socializing and interacting skills to your dog. After completion of this training, your dog will be able to follow your commands like come, sit, walk etc, and can walk on loose lead. Many behavioural problems will be sorted and you will have a calm and sensible dog than before.
  2. Private Lessons– These are one-on-one session classes conducted at training facility centre. Each lesson extends up to 1 hour and a complete assessment of the behaviour and nature of the dog is conducted. On the basis of the results of assessment, a strategy and program is developed for your dog with some tips and tricks provided to you to handle the behavioural issues.
  3. Walking and Jumping– It is a 3-day course at Central Coast. As the name of the program suggests, you dog will be able to move on without any lead will stop jumping or getting over-enthusiastic.
  4. Group Lessons– Held every week at Dog Boarding Central Coast, group lessons are up to 45 mins of length and the training method employed is the reward and positive reinforcement training. As the sessions are in groups, you dog will be a more interactive and socially active pup after the training, with issues like anxiety, and stubbornness solved. And of course your friend will be more understanding and will be able to follow your commands.

Dog Boarding Central Coast

The Dog Boarding Sydney classes have already started, so be quick and grab a seat for your dog right away only at –


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